Products - Tired of going out in the rain and cold to lock the chicken coop? - Frustrated with losing your favorite hen when you forget to lock the coop? Good news, those days are over! Introducing the unchallenged BEST automatic chicken door on the market! Quality is found in the details. There are so many quality-oriented details that we've had to create a page just for it (click Quality above). Also look at the Programming page to see how easy it is to set and change times.  This door will automatically open each morning and close each evening. - No need to rush home from a late dinner. - No need to hire a pet sitter the next time you go on a vacation. - No need to buy more chickens because you forgot to lock the coop! Whether you live in town or out in the countryside, the Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Door will make your life easier! In fact, it will pay for itself and keep saving you money for reasons like these. And what is peace of mind worth? The opening is 11" wide by 15" tall.  Cut this size opening in your coop.  The door mounts on the outside so the opening does not need to be perfect.  Click here to view the owner’s manual.  Powering your Door The door runs from any 12 volt DC power supply.  We offer two power options.  If you have power at your coop, you can choose the float charger with 6 feet of wire and a battery.  Or if your coop has full sun you can get the solar panel option with 10 feet of wire and a battery.  Simply glob some caulk on the back of the solar panel and slap it on the south-facing side of the coop roof.  Of course both options include all the right connectors so you simply plug it all together.  The solar panel and trickle charger have a piggy- back connector, so it plugs into the battery and the door plugs into its connector.  The battery is a 5 amp-hour 12 volt sealed lead acid battery with the trickle charger or the solar panel. Photo Sensor Our latest addition is a sensor to automatically open with the morning sunlight and close just after dark ( a short time after sunset).  No worries about seasonal changing sunrise and sunsets!  It comes with 10 feet of wire so you can aim it for optimal timing.  And for past customers, you can upgrade the circuit board to support this. Consider the quality, consider the ease of use, consider the competition. The choice is simple. The Video to the left shows how simple  the door is to install and set up.  The  door comes completely assembled and  ready to put on your coop.  We do not have a return policy.  If you  are not sure what to order, call us at 512  995-0058 to get the order exactly right.    Home of the Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Door! Telephone  For credit card phone sales call (512) 995-0058 Postal address      1401 Lovers Lane, Lockhart Texas 78644 Electronic mail      Sales:   Copyright 2010 Right-side hinge Door with one magnet & mounting bolts.  $180. Add a solar panel with 10 ft of wire and battery (requires 2 hours/day of direct sunlight).  $50. (call for longer wire) Add a trickle charger (if you have power at your coop) and battery.  $45. Left-side hinge Door with one magnet & mounting bolts.  $180.
Photo sensor with 10 ft of wire and mounting clips.  $15.
Four extra Magnets.  Use on the fridge or just have spares.  $12.